A Letter from Elizabeth

Dear Curious,


We all want the right tools for living our best life, but what most people don't know is: tools are unique to each person, and in order for them to work, you must shape them to yourself.

I help you do this.

A client once described me as his secret weapon. I'm the expert in your corner to help you get better at all the most important things in life: relationships, your job, managing your mood.

I work hard to understand and treat what is really bothering you,
and I study the latest innovations in neuroscience and the oldest insights of eastern spirituality, in service to my clients.


I have helped many people re-find the sweetness and meaning in their lives, and connect with their own authentic motivation.


Let's talk and see if we are a fit, and get you back on track.

I work via Zoom meeting anywhere, offering psychotherapy from Hong Kong to London to Bogota to Los Angeles.